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Product number:   JSD TFA-1001 1-in-1-out Frequency Pulse Signal Converter
Title:    1-in-1-out Frequency Pulse Signal Converter
Category:    Isolation Transmitter
Add date:    7/10/2015
Clicks:    938
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         1-in-1-out Frequency Pulse Signal to Analog Signal Isolation Transmitter

                  (F/V、F/I Frequency Pulse converter)
◆Low cost, thin design, international standards DIN35mm rail mounting
◆Three-port isolation (input, output and power supply )
◆Passed CE Certificate (Report number:CTE15FR-546E)
◆High accuracy (0.1% F.S, 0.2% F.S)
◆High linearity (0.1% F.S),
◆High isolation voltage (3000VDC/60S)
◆Low temperature drift (80PPM/℃)
◆Industrial class operation temperature (-45-+85℃)
◆Ultra-wide range power supply design (9~36VDC single power)
◆International standard signal input (0-20KHz/0-15KHz/0-10KHz/0-5KHz/1-5KHz/0-2.5KHz etc.)
◆International standard signal output(0-5V/0-10V/1-5V/0-10mA/0-20mA/420mA)
◆Converting the square wave,sine wave,sawtooth wave into international standards analog signals
◆Converting unit pulse signal into DC voltage (current) signal
◆Signal ground interference suppression and analog isolation,acquisition,conversion and long-distance transmission
◆Industrial signal isolation and long-distance transmission without distortion
◆Instrumentation and sensor signal transceiver
◆Motor speed monitoring and testing
◆Power monitoring and signal acquisition
◆Overcome interference and analog signal acquisition between various devices, isolation,
transformation and long-distance transmission
◆Monitoring and measuring various frequency pulse signal equipment 
General Description:
Jieshengda Technology(JSD) JSD TFA-1001 ultra-thin series 1-in-1-out frequency pulse signal to analog signal converter(F/V converter) is a high accuracy isolation transmitter. it can isolate and transform the inputting pulse signal (square wave, sine wave, sawtooth wave) into international standards analog current/voltage signal and long-distance transmission without distortion to the control room(such as:PLC,DCS,AD,PC acquisition cards) with corresponding digital pulse frequency signal. its internal integrated multiple low-power high precision high efficiency  DC-DC converter to supply power to the input and output, the pulse signal converter is adopted SMD chip technology and modular design makes its isolation voltage between input/output and power supply is up to 3000VDC, JSD TFA-1001S series F/V pulse signal converter is adopted high-voltage clamp to the inputting frequency signal. current mode convert into frequency signal has a higher Anti-jamming performance compare to voltage mode, the pulse converter uses two input forms: pulse signal input and open collector input for compatible with more frequency pulse sensor, instrumentation equipment. Pulse converter is adopted international standards DIN35mm rail installation for user-friendly control panel installed.  For dual-channel F/V converter Please choose JSD TFA-2002 series, analog to frequency pulse signal (V/F converter) please choose ultra-thin series JSD TAF-1001S, conventional series JSD TAF-1001, JSD TAF-1002, JSD TAF-2002 series.
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