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Product number:    1-input-2-output analog voltage (current) signal isolation transmitter
Title:    1-input-2-output analog voltage (current) signal isolation transmitter
Category:    Isolation Transmitter
Add date:    2/18/2015
Clicks:    595
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1-input-2-output analog voltage (current) signal isolation transmitter
◆Small size, low cost, international standards DIN35mm rail mounting
◆four-port isolation (input, output, power supply and Mutual isolation between channels)
◆Passed CE Certificate
◆High accuracy (0.1% F.S, 0.2% F.S)
◆Full-scale range (<0.2% F.S)
◆High isolation voltage (3000VDC/60S)
◆Low temperature drift (100PPM/℃)
◆Wide operation temperature (-45~+85℃)
◆High reliability (MTBF>50 Wan hour)
◆Power supply (5VDC/12VDC/15VDC/24VDC multiple choice)
◆International standard signal input and output (0-5V/0-10V/1-5V/4-20mA/0-20mA/0-10mA, etc.)
◆DC current/voltage signal isolation, conversion and amplification
◆industrial field signal isolation and long distance transmission without distortion
◆analog signal ground interference suppression and analog isolation, acquisition, conversion, and long-distance transmission
◆4-20mA/0-20mA/0-5V/0-10V/1-5V sensor signal isolation, transformation and long-distance transmission
◆instrumentation and sensor signal transceiver
◆power isolation monitoring industrial field
◆power monitoring, medical equipment isolation barrier
◆overcome interference between instrumentation equipment
General Description:
JIE Sheng da Technology JSD TA-1002 active 1-in-2-out analog unidirectional signal isolation transmitter is a signal conditioner with electrical insulation between input and output, it can receive a variety of analog signal from the field instrument, and transmit a standard output signal or user-specified special signal to the control room、PLC、PC or DCS. The product is isolated between power supply, input and output, the isolated voltage between them is up to 2500VDC .It is widely used in the power isolation, monitoring and control of industrial site, power monitoring, medical electronic equipment, analog signal isolation and acquisition etc. Adopting optical isolation technology, compared with the electromagnetism isolation transmitter has a stronger anti-EMC electromagnetic interference ,it is available to keep free gain adjustment and zero adjustment ,low temperature drift and good linearity, suitable for using vibration, damp industrial field, the international standard DIN35mm rail mounting, user-friendly installation. if need AC power supply ,please purchase JSD TA-1502 series isolation transmitter
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